Why 3D-Realtime

3D naturally offers the fastest orientation and therefore makes your product easier to understand.

Users can rotate and scale the model, as well as explore its parts and put them in motion. This way, 3D real-time instruments beat conventional selling tools and make you an innovator.

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What we do

At 3DIT we are dedicated to the production of 3D media and selling tools.

By combining 3D computer graphics with gaming technology, these applications run offline on a PC, online and plug-in-free in your web browser, and mobile on tablets.

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Why 3DIT

If you are a high-tech company with state-of-the-art products, then your presentations should be just like that.

3DIT's computer scientists, engineers, and designers make your product, process, or technology look as photo-realistic as possible, yet as detailed as necessary.

About 3DIT

Pump manufacturer

Dear pump manufacturers!

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
How do you convince OEMs and end customers of your technology?
Still using PowerPoint and videos like everyone else?

12 Govie® features for your sales success:

  • Impress your customers with a superior presentation. You are sure to get their attention.
  • Suitable for everyday use in sales and marketing - even without expensive computers, expensive software licenses and expensive 3D experts.
  • Only Govie® connects a Story mode with intuitive 3D interaction.
  • Present your technology more clearly, understandably, memorably and more convincing than your competition.
  • Integrate your existing sales material exactly where the user needs it, free of charge. No more searching.
  • Explore your product easily with mouse or touch.
  • Multilingual: your Govie® you also get bilingual. Or seven languages. All without surcharge.
  • Your Govie® is in any website can be integrated immediately and is guaranteed to run in all modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox, completely without plugins.
  • We would be happy to show your designers how to provide CAD data in such a way that you can always avoid extra costs.
  • High-level support by our local experts - one call is all it takes, and we will support you with our years of experience.
  • From each Govie® you get for little money additionally a Video e.g. for YouTube
  • Unlimited applications ensure you maximum return on investment: Sales calls, quotes, trade shows, website, visitor centers, ...

Better explain with Govie

scientific research presentations

Independently create research presentations that convince

Do you deal with the challenges of technology marketing and commercialization of innovations on a daily basis? Do you want to present complex research projects in such a way that hidden elements or processes are visible and understood and the presentation stays in the mind? At the same time, you have to cope­with limited financial resources?

Independently created 3D presentations that allow the target audience to grasp the product and be fully immersed in it.
Govie Editor allows you to independently create product presentations that bring together 3D, interactivity and a story mode. This enables effective presentation and in-depth insight into products and hidden processes inside.
The software-as-a-service enables the development of presentations that allow the target audience to really grasp the product or process and understand and remember the context.
In Govie Editor, existing 3D models can be enriched with additional assets such as images, text, websites, and animations. This creates a unique presentation that is both playable as a video and allows for individual control by the user. The 3D presentations are web enabled.

Application areas

  • Marketing and sales activities, such as physical or virtual trade shows and customer visits
  • Presentations of research results and projects
  • Integration into websites and presentations of any kind

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Entrepreneur Award Opportunity 3D

3DIT is nominated for the Entrepreneur Award 2020

Innovative ideas, a convincing product, new markets, far-sighted and sustainable corporate management - the competition "Saxony's Entrepreneur of the Year" honors all of these. And that, precisely because the 2020 financial year was challenging and often not an easy one for entrepreneurs.
With the special category "Focus X" - Best Opportunity Manager, awards are also given to those who have been courageous, flexible and agile, and who have broken new ground despite difficult conditions.

SZ Artikel Unternehmerpreis 2020

With the release of the editor in 2020, the last piece of the puzzle has been added: Mechanical engineers could directly use their CAD planning data, 3D artists their 3D models. "The fact that we have managed to write this software in a country without much venture capital and past the giants of Silicon Valley makes us proud," say the managing directors Ingolf Seifert and Dr. Henry Wojcik.

Video report of the MDR




Make your products


Allow your clients to interact
with the product


Win over new clients
with tools that sell

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3D Interaction Technologies GmbH
Schubertstraße 39, 01307 Dresden, Deutschland

Telefon: +49 (0)351 21 967 495


3DIT at trade fairs

As a provider of innovative visualization solutions, we regularly participate in a wide variety of trade fairs to convince our customers of the benefits of interactive 3D real-time solutions.

Dates 2021

3DIT does not currently attend trade fairs.
We are nevertheless pleased to take time for our customers and regularly present via video conferencing system.

3DIT establishes a new way of presenting — Govie

»Govie« stands for »Movie and 3D Interaction in one«. It combines the benefits of video — the dramaturgically thought-out, scene-by-scene telling of your product story with 3D the freedom to interact. In the 3D real-time environment, you can show a product presentation. This looks like a 3D video. At the same time, your customers can see your product, online and offline. You can explain better than at any trade show model. You can rotate the model to view it from all sides, zoom in close to details, and launch actions of your product to find out how it works!

If you want to use modern 3D interaction technology without giving up video as a proven explanatory tool, then Govie is just what you need!

Learn more about our Govies here!

3DIT attended the Hanover Messe 2017

2017 revealed a brand new inno­vation: the „Govie“ (mixing game tech­nolo­gy and mo­vie). This type of 3D-real­time visu­ali­zation is really close to our na­tural behav­iour when it is all about to „grasp“ for an idea or an ob­ject. That is the rea­son a govie really stays in your mind. (web­demo and waterpump govie).

Nume­rous visitors at our booth ab­solute­ly agreed and thus con­firmed our focused path. Even the Minister of Business Affairs from the State of Saxony visited 3DIT on the lead­ing edge fair „digital factory“, one of the big key topics of this year's Hann­over Messe. Mr. Dulig was curious about several app­lication, among them a complete virtual factory, seven floors high. Also, he ack­nowledg­ed the »Mikrochip-ABC« during his talk with Dr. Henry Wojcik (CEO), a co­pro­duct­ion of 3DIT targeted at making children enthusiastic about a scientific career in the field of micro­elec­tronics in particular, and engineering in general. (www.mikrochip-abc.de)


The "Microchip ABC" has been published

3D Interaction Technologies was instrumental in the creation of the “Microchip ABC” as a partner.

The M-ABC is one of the very few books in the German-speaking world that give a comprehensive overview of microelectronics as a key technology. The authors shed light on the role and function of microelectronics in technology, impart basic knowledge about semiconductors and transistors, microchips and the design of integrated circuits ...

Further details

Here you can purchase the book and learn more content in interactive graphics: see the networked farm of the near future, how does e-mobility work, what did the first microprocessor look like

The book was created in collaboration and with the support of over 30 well-known companies of the microelectronics industry: Infineon Technologies AG, edacentrum GmbH. Contact us if you would also like to become part of the project.

Learn more about this unique book!

our FUNDING PARTNERfor development projects & Fair appearances

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