Interactive 3D Real-Time Solutions Interactive 3D Real-Time Solutions

Interactive 3D Real-Time Solutions

A New Era in 3D Visualization

What Is It?

A customized combination of 3D content and in­ter­ac­tive ele­ments in a real-time application …

Interactive 3D real-time solutions are three di­mensio­nal models of pro­ducts, facili­ties or tech­no­logies, that can be rotated, zoomed, entered, configured, used and taken apart in true real-time.

  • Exceptional optical quality in real-time applications
  • Smooth and high-performing desktop, mobile or plugin-free web applications
  • Complete individualisation of 3D solutions to reflect your needs

Where Can I Use It?

Anywhere from marketing and sales to virtual audit and service …

  • In Marketing → Explain technical details or advantages of high-tech products
  • In Sales → Convince customers with the help of an interactive 3D configurator or 3D application
  • For Virtual Audit → View and evaluate planned buildings or facilities even before they are built or opened
  • In Service → Profit from efficient training and intuitive access to technical documentation

InterAirport Award for 3DIT

Europe’s leading airport show honoured 3DIT’s inno­vative ideas …

In 2015, 3DIT received an InterAirport Award for the concept of adapting interactive 3D walk-throughs to the requirements of the airport industry.



Virtual 3D-Walkthrough in the factory of Sachsenmilch (Video)

Interactive 3D Water Pump

Govie scene of a water pump
Govie scene of a water pump

A Brand New Tool for Virtual Audits

Interactive 3D walk-throughs help to view and evaluate planned buildings or facilities in a virtual audit (for example, regarding safety concepts, goods handling, interior), even before they are actually built or opened.


Quick and Easy Product Explanation

See how a machine is assembled and how it works. A 3D presentation explains products or technologies better than any tables or charts do. This type of visualization can readily be integrated in websites, tradeshow booths and point-of-sale communications. This way, our attractive 3D tools help build an innovative brand image.


Visual Configuration at It’s Best

Provide a quick and clear overview of a product's variations in an engaging 3D environment. Users are free to choose any perspective they like with a high level of detail regarding their configuration. They can e.g. experience different appearances in different lighting scenarios or application environments.



3D Real-Time Visualization for Industry

3D Interaction Technologies GmbH

Founded in 2013 and based in Dresden, Germany, we are a pioneer in creating 3D real-time visualizations for industrial applications. We generate synergies between experienced engineers, computer scientists, designers and marketing specialists to develop cutting-edge 3D presentation tools and innovative solutions for the industrial sector.

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