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Our 3D real-time products


3D-Presentation | Govie

With a combination of 3D games and movies, we have created a completely new medium: Our Govies merge the freedom of gaming surroundings with the organized scenery of a video. At any time, the user can interrupt the filmic presentation by interacting with the 3D model in real-time.




Our virtual 3D models convey a lifelike impression of how a product is composed and used. The 3D object and its parts can be explored by rotating, zooming or starting selected activities. Doing so, the user develops a profound understanding of the product, its functions and the technology behind it.



Selling tailorable products is a challenge. Thus, we help presenting custom variations in an engaging, realistic 3D environment. This way, users configure their desired product version themselves. Upon request, our application can be integrated into the existing shop back-end or production system.

our 3D-configurators in use


3D IT Walkthroughs


Interactive 3D walkthroughs allow the user to navigate a scene and collect relevant information. Hence, walkthroughs are a great tool for visualizing interiors or surroundings, allowing to view and evaluate planned facilities even before they are built and opened. This is applicable to virtual audits, training solutions or location-based services.


3D-Data Viewers

We develop multi-functional 3D viewers to display and handle large quantities of data retrieved from running systems or simulation, construction and business processes. Numbers show live and as part of the environment they are being measured in – all virtual, interactive and in 3D. Such solutions are usually linked to client-specific dashboards, control units and other analysis tools.

3D IT dataviewer