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3D Real-Time Applications

Product Demonstrator

Water pump with exploded view (web)

Technology Demonstrator

Retina chip system (web)

Tool Demonstrator

Wafer stepper (web)

Tool Demonstrator

Semiconductor tool for physical vapour deposition (web)

Presentation | Govie

Govie of a yacht (web)

Presentation | Govie

Scene with annotations in a Govie of a water pump
Govie of a water pump (web)

Walkthrough / Facility Demonstrator

Virtual factory of a food maker (gallery & video)

Data viewer / System Demonstrator

Control system of LMBV / Actemium BEA (video)

Data Viewer / Tool-Demonstrator

Visualization of a robot steering unit (Video)

Animations & Renderings

Seeds cleaner by evonta

Seeds separator and cleaner with »free fall system«

Atomic force microscope by ZEISS

Flight into a scanning electron microscope with integrated AFM

NVSRAM by AnvoSystems

Non-volatile SRAM — explained by a marmot?!

Fuel cell by A.S.T. / EBZ

Testing equipment for fuel cells

ICE-3 Test Rig by A.S.T.

ICE-3 Test Rig

SAW-Sensoren für IFW

Wireless Sensor & Identification System

Diaphragm pump by Pfeiffer Vacuum

Diaphragm pump — a compact all-rounder

Vacuum pump by Pfeiffer Vacuum

Vacuum pump A1804X

Ion Microscope by ZEISS

Orion NanoFab — creation of nano structures & microscope in one tool

Web & Print

Inova Semiconductors

Web design & rework of corporate design


Creation of corporate design incl. web design


Creation of corporate design incl. web design

AST Group

Revision of web site

Mikrochip ABC

Creation of corporate design incl. book & web design


Re-launch of corporate design incl. web design

Mikrochip ABC

Conceptual design & realization


Design & realization